Climate in Valais

The climate in Valais is different from other parts of Switzerland, even allowing for the fact that it is influenced by the same weather patterns and systems as the whole of Western Europe. Valais, and in particular the Rhône Valley has an almost Mediterranean climate. The towns in Valais rank amongst the sunniest and driest (as the table on the right shows) in Switzerland. This is because of its location in relation to the Alps (on both sides with the Pennine Alps to the South and the Bernese Alps to the North) which act as a shelter from rain. Generally, the area is exposed to cold winters and warm summers with föhn winds. As a result of its climate, the Rhône Valley has many vineyards.

1961-1990 Climate data from MeteoSwiss (2004)
Location Sion Zermatt Interlaken Geneva Bernl Base Zurich Locarno St Gallen
Av. Temp (C) Min 4.3 -0.8 3.7 5.5 4.2 5.6 4.9 8.1 4.1
Av. Temp (C) Max 15.1 9.1 12.7 14.4 12.9 14.1 12.7 15.8 11.1
AnnualPrecip.(mm) 599 612 1175 822 1029 778 1086 1669 1251